About AttendNZ Destination Management

AttendNZ has rapidly positioned itself as a leading Destination Management Company in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Passionately crafting unparalleled conference and incentive experiences across our beautiful nation. We pride ourselves on being among the select few in New Zealand devoted to mastering the art of destination management.

Our difference lies in our all-encompassing approach

Rather than merely providing exceptional services through strong, local ties, we focus on creating a fully integrated experience. Our offerings go beyond just identifying top-notch venues or accommodation options. With our combined expertise, deep knowledge, and cultivated relationships, we ensure that everything from selecting the best transportation for your journey to understanding the specifics of each hotel is flawlessly orchestrated. With AttendNZ, every moment is crafted for you to enjoy.

Meet the minds behind AttendNZ

While Attend may be a relatively new name, the intellect powering the brand has decades of industry mastery. Our founders, Voula Siatiras and Paul Rennie, together encapsulate over 55 years of proficiency in the travel and event management spectrum. In Paul’s words, “our longstanding association with New Zealand’s dynamic business landscape motivated the genesis of AttendNZ. It’s our tribute to this land, aiming to highlight its awe-inspiring landscapes, hospitable local businesses, and its rich, diverse culture.”

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Voula Siatiras

Voula stands as a distinguished leader in the travel and event management industry, boasting over 18 years of dedicated service. Her current role as the Groups & Events Manager at Orbit World Travel Wellington has seen her pioneering the group experiences that set new standards in the sector.

Voula’s illustrious career path includes key positions at Air New Zealand, Tempo Holidays, Williment Travel, and Orbit, where her commitment to delivering unparalleled travel services and event orchestration shines.

She has played a pivotal role in landmark projects such as facilitating travel arrangements for the New Zealand Olympic Committee to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, managing aircraft chartering for APEC and many more. Voula’s adeptness in creating customized itineraries for incentive trips and her proficiency in managing grand-scale events are well recognized across the industry.

With a knack for overseeing both domestic and international groups and events, Voula’s portfolio spans across incentive trips to large government projects in the USA, Asia, Europe, the Pacific and New Zealand. Her leadership at Orbit has not only expanded the business but has also nurtured a team of 16 into a formidable force.

At AttendNZ, Voula leverages her extensive experience to understand and meet the unique needs of each client, affirming her position as a visionary leader who crafts memorable experiences with precision and personal touch.


Paul Rennie

Standing as a distinguished figure in the travel industry, boasting over 35+ years of extensive experience. As the Owner and Director of Orbit World Travel Wellington and Adventure Travel, Paul has honed a keen business acumen, deeply understanding the intricate needs of clients in the travel sector. His journey in the industry is marked by a profound commitment to delivering excellence and adding true value to every travel and destination experience.

Paul’s expertise is not just in overseeing operations but also in recognizing and fulfilling the nuanced demands of travellers seeking unique and enriching experiences. With his seasoned perspective and innovative approach, Paul plays a pivotal role in shaping AttendNZ.


Scott Rennie

Scott brings a depth of industry experience and a genuine, customer-centric approach to the realm of travel and destination management. With a decade-long tenure at Orbit World Travel Wellington, including four years as the General Manager, Scott’s understanding of the travel sector is both comprehensive and nuanced. Known for his honest and straightforward communication style, Scott has a knack for building strong, trust-based relationships with clients and partners alike.

His expertise extends across the entire spectrum of travel management, from conceptualizing unique travel ideas to executing them. His insights into the end-to-end process of travel management significantly contribute to the foundational strength of the AttendNZ start-up.

When working with Scott, you can expect not only a wealth of knowledge but also a commitment to transparency and excellence that defines the core of AttendNZ’s service philosophy.

Project & Events Manager

Damien Sprey

A dynamic Project and Events Manager at AttendNZ, specializing in crafting exclusive experiences across New Zealand, with a focus on destination management. His journey in the events industry is rooted in a deep-seated passion for understanding every facet of event creation and management, dedicating his entire career to exploring the full event lifecycle. This dedication has led him to dabble in various sectors including event security, conference & event execution in hotels, and bar management, all aimed at comprehensively understanding the intricacies of the industry.

Before his current role, Damien excelled in Groups & Events at Orbit World Travel Wellington, where he showcased his prowess in end-to-end travel and event logistics, project management, and customer relationship management. The main highlight in his extensive background is the pivotal role as an Associate Promoter at Capital C: Concerts. Here, he managed major events from concept to completion, for prominent artists such as Elton John (x5), KISS, Alice Cooper, and Bon Jovi, and exhibitions like the Great Disney Toy Exhibition, among others.

Damien’s career is a testament to his commitment to excellence, a passion for creating memorable events, and an unwavering dedication to mastering every aspect of event planning and execution.