Experience New Zealand your way!

AttendNZ specialises in creating unique, exclusive experiences that showcase New Zealand’s beauty and culture.

Why Work with AttendNZ?

We take pride in orchestrating every facet of your MICE needs, ensuring a memorable experience in stunning New Zealand.

When working with AttendNZ, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to excellence and innovation in destination management. Let us show you the best of New Zealand while you focus on making great memories and achieving your event goals.

Experience New Zealand Your Way!

Here’s how we bring your vision to life.

Elite Transportation Solutions

Travel in style with our comprehensive transport solutions. Choose from luxury coaches, exclusive sprinters, efficient shuttles, or elevate your experience with helicopter options for that ultimate ‘wow’ factor. AttendNZ attendees are transported with comfort, luxury, and privacy prioritised.

Adaptable to Any Group Sizes

Whether managing small groups or orchestrating large-scale events, our flexibility and resources adapt to meet the scale and scope of any challenge.

Engaging Content and Hosts

Enhance your event with our network of professional speakers, presenters, tour guides, and MCs, each skilled in engaging and educating audiences.

Experiences Tailored to Your Incentive Tastes

Incentives are more than rewards; they’re experiences etched into memory. Our itineraries ensure each moment is unique. Dive into a spectrum of activities, tours, and experiences that showcase the rich diversity of New Zealand – from adrenaline-pumping adventures to serene cultural immersions.

Exclusive Meetings & Conferences

Host your strategic meetings and pivotal conferences amidst settings that exude sophistication. With AttendNZ, every space is chosen for its blend of modern amenities and the serene backdrop of New Zealand’s landscapes. Experience meetings where every detail, from the ambience to the technology, is meticulously curated for excellence.

Inclusive Partner Programmes

We offer comprehensive partner programmes that engage and delight accompanying guests with a variety of activities and tours.

Custom Touches

From customised gift bags and thoughtful baskets to tailored merchandise and collateral, we ensure every detail reflects the essence of your event and brand.

Premier Venues & Accommodation

We expertly hand pick and manage venues and accommodation options, ensuring each location fits your specific needs. From urban chic to wilderness retreats, we handle all aspects, from rooming lists to special requests, ensuring comfort and convenience is prioritised.

Comprehensive Inhouse Marketing & Design Services

Amplify your event’s impact with our in-house marketing and design resources. We provide everything from promotional materials and digital content to complete branding packages, ensuring your event resonates with its intended audience and shines across all platforms.

Extended Experiences

Maximise your time in New Zealand with our pre-and post-programmes that cater to a range of interests and schedules, ensuring guests have enriching experiences throughout their stay.

Efficient On-Site Services

Our on-site services include fully managed registration desks and information kiosks, providing ongoing support and coordination throughout your event.

Innovative Event Technology

Leverage the latest in event technologies (including Events Air), enhancing attendee engagement through custom registration sites, apps, real-time communication and more.